About Louise…

I’m a Jersey girl who made her way to the West Coast via San Francisco and Marin County, and eventually heading north to Portland.  Weekend trips to the Gorge became summers in the Gorge, and you guessed it, that led to full time living in Hood River.  With its proximity to Portland and an international airport, as well as having everything a “small town” could offer, Hood River was the place to raise our family.  I have enjoyed 16 years of being a full time resident here, and have watched my kids move from elementary to middle to high school to college and beyond.


Although it’s a good day anytime in the Gorge, I confess to my favorite time being spring.  Spring is usually one of the busiest times for real estate, and it’s when I spend any non-working hours in my garden.  Hauling rock, and shoveling yards of compost, soil, and shredded bark are some of my favorite pastimes.  I am an Associate Master Gardener and love being affiliated with the Master Gardener program.


Homes and gardens have always been a passion of mine, and making yours more beautiful by staging or having a photographer take great shots of your home are ways that I can help in the selling stage.  If you are looking for your dream home in the Gorge, I can lead you to and open the door to many wonderful properties, so that you, too, can share this wonderful area.


If you would like to explore working with me, and the possibility of buying or selling a home in Hood River County or Mosier, I am available to offer you personal one-on-one help. Hopefully this website will answer questions you may have about the buying or selling process and get you started in making some very important decisions.  I look forward to hearing from you.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at my Don Nunamaker site.  Click below to see all my listings and reach out to me.

Featured Stories…

Kane, Kash and Kai closed their house today…  


These sweet boys were so excited their new house closed that they wanted to stick on a sold sign like on the HGTV show “Property Brothers”

Making Cider! 


Driving home from an open house in Mosier in early 2010, I received a call from Kelly, saying a dear friend and client, Cynthia, had referred her to me. Kelly told me her earlier quests to buy an orchard/ winery property in Hood River hadn’t resulted the way she wanted and wouldn’t I please help? Smitten with her Oklahoma accent and the direct way she spoke, I agreed. Kelly’s husband Rob would be taking a trip from California and I set about finding properties for him and me to tour. We stomped around a few in Hood River and nothing was fitting the bill. I remembered a property a colleague had recently listed, and asked if Rob would be willing to make the trek to Mosier to look at this really beautiful land with views of the Syncline that was punctuated with cherry trees. Luckily Rob was game and off we went. After walking the property and getting the feel for the land, I could see the wheels turning as he made the trajectory from thinking about Hood River (where the focus had been for many years) and seeing a future on this wonderful land in Mosier.
Negotiations were made, inspections were conducted, particularly that ridiculously wet spring where the excavator remarked that he felt he was in a soup bowl, and finally the property belonged to Kelly and Rob. I remember subsequent trips to the land, one fond memory was Owen, the Australian sheepdog born and bred in Pasadena, who saw his first group of goats and immediately instinctively started herding them! Fast forward to 2016, after thoughts of cherries give way to thoughts of cheesemaking to the birth of Runcible Cider. Kelly is a more poetic writer than I, after years of writing cookbooks and the Kitchenelly blog, and you can read the full story at http://www.runciblecider.com.
My purpose here was to say how happy I am to know Kelly and Rob, and be part of this story – I asked if I could help make cider and this fall I actually did. It brought back every autumn memory I ever had !